MLS: Television Ratings Are the Biggest Issue Facing the MLS Today

The MLS (Major League Soccer) is fast approaching a serious roadblock to growing into a sport with a truly national following. This roadblock is also related to a common criticism that the sport in general is boring.

This sentiment is best reflected in television ratings, because if a sport is truly popular, then there would be people watching it on television.

The MLS has television deals with NBC and ESPN, so just how bad are the ratings for the "world sport"? Well, for NBC's first broadcast of an MLS game, there were only 82,000 viewers. If the MLS were a sitcom, the show would have been canceled faster than you can say "Viva Laughlin."

True, the attendance figures for games on average has increased, but sports leagues don't make a majority of their money from attendance; they get revenue from television deals. Due to the lack of television ratings, it will be hard for a network broadcasting the games to generate ad...

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