MLS: Relating Each Team to a Premier League Parallel

Have you ever thought about the similarities between MLS and Premier League clubs in the modern era? A decade ago it would have been silly to think of parallels between the massively different leagues, but as American soccer has progressed, suddenly its domestic league has started to resemble the EPL more and more.

We are even at a level where teams share a number of characteristics despite being located thousands of miles and an ocean away. I began to look into some of these inter-league parallels and realized there are more comparable teams than what you would initially expect.

Here is a list of each MLS team and the English Premier League club it most reflects. 

Note: This is a subjective list and it is obvious that some comparisons are stronger than others. Nevertheless, if you would have different pairings than the ones on the list, feel free to comment with your opinion. Have fun and enjoy!

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