MLS Promotion and Relegation: A Realistic Model for How It Can Happen

One of the most hotly discussed topics involving Major League Soccer is something that MLS has no business of doing: promotion and relegation. 

People's ideas are very polarized when it comes to the concept.

Some, such as the Westerveltists at Soccer Reform, believe it will be the savior to American soccer, as it will create instant gratification among the American soccer fans—both hardcore and casual.

Others, take an extremely pessimistic approach, claiming that it would kill the league in a heartbeat.

Now, if in some bizarre parallel universe, if Don Garber decided to claim that MLS would adopt the system, that either one would happen, it's always fun to imagine what it would be like, and how it would be structured.

Yet, it seems that there's never much thought about how to change to that system—if we were to scrape out the squeaky-clean, somewhat communistic, franchise model an...

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