Get out of the Way Here Comes the MLS

The Big Four—and no we are not talking about the impending college football super conferences.

It's the traditional and socially accepted number of major sports in America today, MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. Is it time for a fifth? Can America handle MLS?

Before the anti-soccer crowd starts to yell and complain about how it's not American, it’s not a suggestion that we adopt it as our country’s sport, start roaming soccer gangs or slowly work back to being an English colony. I am saying it's time to accept it as a legitimate sport rather than an outsider biting at the ankles of true American sports.

MLS is on its 15th-plus year and still going strong. The league is ever-expanding, adding two new teams this season and planning to add a 20th team in the near future. Our national team is growing towards international respectability and more and more of the MLS players are on top European radars. If there was ever a time to jump on the soc...

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