For MLS, No Overtime Means No Chicken Wings

Getting to see extra time due to a tie in a sporting contest is what sports fans live to see.  It's the driving force to watching sometimes.  Fans want to see how long a game can go. 

The longer it goes, the more dramatic and more memorable it becomes.

Remember your first game?  Weren't you rooting for overtime or extra innings?  It's past nail biting, call it cuticle biting time.

An added dose of game time provides more entertainment and more opportunity away from your real problems.

Buffalo Wild Wings has captured this essence in spectating and capitalized on it in its commercials.  They've done it with a comical edge.  Each of them takes the extra time to the extreme. 

Their marketing group so far has done multiple spots for basketball, football and baseball. 

One for hockey hasn't been spotted yet, though it might be in production.  As for Soccer, doing a spot may b...

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