Philadelphia Union Shaping Franchise Support Through Social Media

There was a time in professional sports in which the closest fans got to interacting with their favorite teams and players was buying a ticket that allowed them to see without binoculars.  Add in a few newspaper stories, along with a nightly news segment that took a cursory look at the day's action and you've got what it meant to truly follow a team. Joining those days in the distant past are what sports fans have come to know as the norm: SportsCenter on a loop, unofficial box scores, and 'Meet the Players' events.  In an age where instant gratification still isn't enough for most, social media has taken what it means to be a fan to another level. And who better to take advantage of cutting-edge technology than a budding franchise needing momentum to build a fan base. The Philadelphia Union, a second-year side in Major League Soccer, has expertly utilized free social media to revolutionize the way supporters stay informed and interact with players.  Not only have they built an enormous following in just two years, but the team has connected with a city that is normally engrossed in their 'Big Four' sports teams. By all accounts, the ...
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