Promotion, Relegation and Socialism: Why Pro/Rel Is a Bad Fit for MLS

Recently, United States Mens National Team manager Jurgen Klinsmann stirred the pot when he openly questioned the competitiveness of MLS.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference, Klinsmann highlighted the lack of a promotion-relegation system as contributing to the lesser competition:

I’m a deep believer in (the) promotion-relegation system. So it’s not up to me to say there should be MLS and the second division should be NASL, and there should be promotion-relegation. I just wish that we had a system in place where all the young players and all the players in general know that there’s a next higher level and there’s a lower level. If I play a bad season, then the lower level is waiting for me. If I play a very, very good season, then there’s the chance to go up and play at one point whatever you describe then as the highest level.

Some critics, including Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News, defended the MLS and acc...

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