Dominic Oduro of the Columbus Crew Gets Pizza Shaved into His Head

It's rare that you'll find someone who claims they don't like pizza, but Columbus Crew striker Dominic Oduro has taken it to the next level.  Oduro showed his love of pizza by getting his hair cut to look like pepperoni pizza in a promotional move with Papa John's. This isn't Oduro's first pizza-related stunt: he made headlines when he took a bite of pizza after scoring a goal in 2013.  [Twitter, YouTube, h/t Yahoo! Sports]Read more MLS news on
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MLS Reporter Takes a Ball to the Back of the Head, Keeps Reporting

Kelli Tennant was covering the Los Angeles Galaxy's game against the Vancouver Whitecaps when an errant ball nailed the back of her head.  Like a true professional, Tennant keeps going after the startling shot to her head. [Vine, h/t USA Today's FTW]Read more MLS news on
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MLS Player Scores a Goal, Outshines His Goal with Impressive Shimmy

Steven Lenhart scored the game-winning goal to send the San Jose Earthquakes to a 2-1 victory over the Portland Timbers on a sliding finish in the box in the 58th minute. The only thing more impressive than his goal was his shimmy afterwards, complete with back bend, hip gyration and a face that shows he's really enjoying himself. It's good to see that although Lenhart no longer has some of the best hair in the league, he's still making up for it with the best dance moves.Hat tip to FTW on the find.Read more MLS news on
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