It’s Not The End Of The World: 10 Things That Wont Happen By 2012

So, apparently the world is going to end in 2012. The Mayans predict it in their long-count calendar. Countless theories have been written about the end of time, and with good reason. Talk about the payday you'd get for being right about 2012! Wait. What good does a huge, one-day payday do? I smell rip-off. I think I can see Tony Little, Chuck Norris or Billy Mays' soul trying to sell me infomercial gear in the post-apocalypse. Speaking of something not happening before the end of the world, the idea hit me: What, in sports, might be cut short by the supposed 2012 end of times? Well, I'll give you a clue. Brett Favre made another B/R list, folks. So sit back, sip your coffee, clutch the rosary, and find out what the end of the world in 2012 will mean in sports.Begin Slideshow
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Thierry Henry: Why MLS Needs More Than The French Star

With the New York Red Bulls signing French "star" Thierry Henry, speculation has begun— Is this the signing that puts the MLS at the table with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL?  Well, we can put that speculation to rest right now — No. Thierry Henry is a fading player from Barcelona, who has shown considerable signs of slowing down.  But, where does fading talent go? A weaker league, where their skills, comparatively, do not seem as poor to the untrained eye. The equivalent of a 45-year-old Michael Jordan going back to the NCAA, playing for NC State, instead of North Carolina. It'd be easier for him to still have "it." But what is "it" for Henry when he comes to the MLS? Will he light up the scoreboards? Maybe. Will he increase attendance? Probably, for his home club, NY. Will he make the MLS mainstream? Not. Even. Close. The problem here, is not that Henry is a good signing or a bad signing, or even if he is losing a step or two, skill wise. The issue, lies within the overall MLS talent pool. For great competition, the MLS needs great players. And, I don't mean they need to just buy every great player from Europe, Spain, Italy, etc.  Talent ...
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