Following in Beckham’s Footsteps: Five Players MLS Should Sign

David Beckham's move to the LA Galaxy in 2007 was designed to increase interest in MLS and that's exactly what it did. It also led to the creation of the Designated Player Rule, nicknamed "The Beckham Rule," which helped bring other internationals to MLS as well. The arrival of players like Juan Pablo Angel, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, and Freddie Ljungberg didn’t make quite the media splash that Beckham did, but they were important signings nonetheless. Whereas Beckham lured casual American fans, the other designated players have helped attract more dedicated fans of the beautiful game. MLS recently modified the Beckham Rule, now allowing for up to three designated players per team, and with the summer transfer window about to open, here are 5 international footballers MLS would do well to sign.Begin Slideshow
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