MLS Should Set Landon Donovan Free

While the English Premier League season kicking off in less than a week, we know American star Landon Donovan won’t be playing in England this year, but across the Atlantic for his hometown Galaxy. Donovan had spent three months with Everton in the EPL last season, this year however a transfer to the premier league looks highly unlikely. MLS commissioner Don Garber has put a hefty price on Donovan in order to keep Donovan in the states. Garber realizes that Donovan is the face of American soccer, the most recognizable American soccer player, and the best player the country has ever produced, he feels the league needs Donovan in order to succeed, but does Donovan need MLS?  I understand that Garber wants to keep the best American player in America, but how does keeping Donovan in the MLS validate US soccer around the world? Which is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be better if America had its best player playing overseas against better competition, proving that the US can produce world class soccer players? Garber said “MLS needs soccer heroes, and we have a great American soccer hero playing for us in LA, holding the torch for the sport in our ...
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