San Jose Earthquakes Video: Watch Earthquake Goalie Score Crazy Full-Pitch Goal

There's a San Jose Earthquakes video making its way across the sports world today, after goalie David Bingham scored one of the wildest goals ever seen on a football pitch. Yes, you read that right; the Earthquakes' goalie scored a goal in a friendly match against English club West Bromwich Albion on Monday. The keeper snared a rogue through pass from West Brom early in the contest, and hunted for a potential outlet up the pitch from his box. But, try as he might, he simply couldn't find an open man to hit his clear to, so he simply dropped the ball on the turf and let fly a massive kick. It was a bit powerful, to be sure, but nothing out of the ordinary—at least at first. Plenty of keepers have that kind of power when they have time to deliver the ball, and Bingham's kick soared downfield, well ahead of even the West Brom defenders. Unfortunately for the Baggies, it caught their occasionally scatterbrained goalkeeper, Boaz Myhill, napping on the job, and the ball bounced well out of his reach and into the net, sending the stands into hysterics over the wild shot. The best part about the goal? Bingham had no idea he'd ...
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Livestrong Park Video: Get a First Look at Sporting KC’s New Stadium

There's a video of the newest soccer-specific stadium in the United States floating around the sports world today, after viewers were treated to a first look at Sporting KC's soon-to-be completed arena, Livestrong Sports Park.  One of the MLS' four expansion teams, Sporting KC will play their home games at the shiny new 18,500 seat stadium on the outskirts of Kansas City. While it's not finished yet, that didn't stop Sporting player Teal Bunbury (who might have the best name in sports history) from giving viewers a quick tour of the facility.  So far, the results look promising for the stadium. Nice wide open concourses, and what look to be comfortable seats, ring the pitch, and the glass outside gives the stadium a decidedly modern feel to it.  The pitch itself has been sodded, and Bunbury becomes the first player to set foot on it, kicking a ball around the green space.  According to the video, the locker rooms will be the most technologically advanced in all of sports, although it's hard to see that now, with bare, semi-finished drywall and a severe lack of lockers, showers or sitting areas.  It's clear throughout the video that the stadium is still very much a work in ...
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