Twitter Reacts as Andrea Pirlo Signs for New York City FC

Andrea Pirlo's move to MLS has been on the cards for several weeks now, but the hipsters of Brooklyn were given a formal opportunity to celebrate on Monday when Juventus announced their most recent departure and  New York City FC confirmed their beard-wearing new arrival:   Tim Hill of the Guardian has more info on the move. The 36-year-old took the opportunity to express his thanks to the good folks of Turin in a heartfelt tweet: Juventus then took the opportunity to wade through what must amount to weeks' worth of footage of Pirlo being amazing to release a touching tribute video:   Understandably, the news of the gifted midfielder's formal exit from Italy was met with sadness by Italian football fans: Conversely, MLS supporters were almost all delighted by their new "designated player":  In typical American style, no tweet was too hyperbolic: Thanks to the precedent set by Frank Lampard, many jumped to the immediate conclusion that Pirlo would be spending some time working for the parent company:   And, as is customary when any major European player goes across the pond, the move reopened the debate about MLS being a "retirement league": Interestingly, this foray into Major League Soccer does not represent Pirlo's first experience of playing ...
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5 Keys for MLS to Attract More Stars

Major League Soccer is in its 19th season, and the beautiful game has never been in stronger position in the USA. Last season, the average attendance was higher than the English Championship, and internationally renowned players such as Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane flourished. The American top flight aspires to be among the world's biggest leagues by 2022, but in its current state, this seems like a very ambitious target. MLS still has a reputation of being a "retirement league" for pros in their autumn years, and the standard is unquestionably lower than Europe's elite divisions. Here are five ways in which Major League Soccer might attract more big stars—and therefore get closer to reaching its 2022 target.  Begin Slideshow
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Badge Designs for David Beckham’s Miami MLS Team

On Wednesday, David Beckham held a press conference in Miami to officially declare his return to MLS—this time, as an owner. The vague public announcement left many questions unanswered, including where the team would play, what their colours would be and what they will be called.  Since fellow future MLS side NYCFC recently put up a competition asking fans to design its new crest, we thought we would get similarly creative with the badge for Beckham's new outfit.Begin Slideshow
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Potential Names for David Beckham’s MLS Franchise

After finally hanging up his boots earlier this year, David Beckham is looking to continue his legacy within the beautiful game by becoming the owner of a team. Goldenballs is expected to take charge of a yet-to-be-announced new MLS franchise in Miami, a city that hasn't enjoyed top-tier football since the Fusion were dissolved in 2001. On Friday, Beckham gave an inkling to ESPN that the new team is an inevitability: "Miami is something that really excites me because there is a great energy down there. They are ready for a football team in that part of the world." Once the new Florida team gets the MLS stamp of approval, it will need a name—and we're one step ahead with these ideas. You're welcome, Dave... Begin Slideshow
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