LA Galaxy vs. New York Redbulls: Impressions From My First Live Soccer Game

Though these two teams may not put the most talent in the world on the pitch, I figured that going to a live soccer game would be well worth it for the atmosphere if nothing else. My expectations were certainly met, and on top of that, David Beckham and Thierry Henry put on as good of a show as possible.The atmosphere was awesome, definitely better than I expected. The fans were loud, and very into the game. I was sitting right next to the "spirit corner", as I'm going to call it, and they were very animated— they didn't get quiet for more than a minute through the entire match. However, as animated and fun as the crowd was, I was surprised with the obscenities that were yelled collectively. While I don't necessarily condone the cursing, which isn't appropriate for the children in attendance, I loved the passion. The Staples Center could definitely take some notes.You could certainly see the difference between Henry and Beckham and the MLS lifers. Landon Donovan was the lone exception, and although he was very quiet for the first 10-15 minutes of the game, he played an excellent first half. I was disappointed when he missed an easy opportunity when he ...
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