5 of MLS’ All Time Greats

As MLS approaches two decades of play, it is time to look back and reflect on the players that have graced the league. From aging stars to young talent, MLS has provided a platform for many to earn respect on the pitch. While plenty of fading stars have played out there final years in the states, this list is designed to capture the five best players all time, judged by their performances when they were still in the league. From goals and assists to minutes played, there are plenty of statistics available to compare these individuals, but ultimately there is an element of subjectivity to the rankings. So here they are, five of MLS' all-time greats.Begin Slideshow
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Is MLS Making Legitimate Progress as a League or Is It Just Treading Water?

David Beckham arrived in 2007 with the ambition to transform MLS into a prominent league. The Englishman's time in the states has come and gone but the question remains—is MLS making progress or remaining the same? While it may never boast the likes of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, realistic expectations of what MLS can become range greatly. After nearly two decades of play, it is easy to see where the league has made strides and where it has come up short. Following Beckham's arrival, the league announced expansion teams that began play in San Jose (2008), Seattle (2009), Philadelphia (2010), Vancouver and Portland (2011), and Montreal (2012), increasing the total number of teams to 19. Each location was purposeful. The Pacific Northwest, a previously untapped market, exploded into a hotbed of MLS rivalries. Their supporters capture a passion rarely found in American professional sports. Soccer-specific stadiums—a key component to fan experience—have sprung up across the country. Kansas City, Houston, Philadelphia and New Jersey all operate impressive new stadiums, while renovations transformed Montreal, Portland and Vancouver into improved venues for the game. The league's regular season attendance average increased from a stagnant 15,504 in 2006 to 17,872 in 2011 and a record 18,807 last season. ...
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5 Funniest Moments in MLS Caught on Camera

Professional soccer is full of characters. With inflated contracts and equally inflated egos, these guys are never far from the spotlight. Major League Soccer has seen its fair share of personalities, and despite the high-intensity nature of athletic competition, sometimes these players remind us that it is just a game after all. From shocking misses to goal celebrations gone awry, the beautiful game can provide a good laugh every now and then. The following is a collection of the funniest bloopers, fails and moments caught on video in MLS.Begin Slideshow
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5 Most Thrilling Moments from the MLS Season so Far

Is it just me or does MLS keep getting better and better? This season has given us plenty to talk about. Some unfamiliar teams are rising to the top of the league while some big names are struggling. But each game is made up of moments—match defining, momentum swinging, stadium-erupting moments. The following are five of the best. Goals, saves and spectacular plays, these are the moments that keep us coming back.Begin Slideshow
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Why Mike Magee of the Chicago Fire Is the Hottest Player in MLS

The Chicago Fire might be sitting in eighth place in the Eastern Conference, but Mike Magee is trying to change that.Since arriving in the Windy City, Magee has been the focal point of the Fire's offense. Without missing a beat, the forward has scored in four straight MLS appearances, and six straight in all competitions.In fact, Magee has scored in every match he has played for his new club.Some eyebrows were raised when Bruce Arena let him leave Los Angeles in exchange for the rights to Robbie Rogers.I think it is safe to say that Chicago got the better end of the deal.Magee led the league in goals at the time of his departure. One month later, he remains at the top, with 10 goals from from just 14 MLS games.There is nothing too flashy about Magee's play. He is deceptive, makes good runs and is quick off the mark. What makes him special is his ability to find the ball around the penalty area.He is not physically imposing, but his crafty ability to split the defense makes him a constant goal threat.Often deployed out wide for the Galaxy, Magee has always been able to pop up in the right ...
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Ranking the 5 Hottest Goalscorers in Major League Soccer

Believe it or not, the 2013 MLS season has reached its halfway mark. After 17 weeks of matches, teams can now assess where they stand in the table and what they need to accomplish to earn a playoff spot.Scoring goals is a good place to start. Putting the ball in the back of the net is no easy task, but there are plenty of players knocking them in on a regular basis.I have ranked five of these players not just by the number of goals they have scored this year, but by their recent form and production.Ladies and gentlemen, the five hottest goalscorers in MLS.Begin Slideshow
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MLS Wrap: Recapping Wednesday’s Games

It was business as usual for the home teams in midweek action. All four of Wednesday's matches saw the host emerge with at least a point, but not without a bit of drama.Chicago came from behind to beat Colorado, while Vancouver had to do the same against Chivas later in the evening.The Timbers continued their remarkable unbeaten run in a closely contested match in SoCal, while Montreal showed why they are the pride of Canada with another impressive shutout at home.There are plenty of goals to discuss, so read further to recap all the action from the day.Begin Slideshow
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Portland Timbers: 5 Best Players in Club History

Portland, Oregon, known to some as “Soccer City USA,” has long been a passionate place for the beautiful game. Their beloved Portland Timbers have a storied history in American soccer since originating in the North American Soccer League in 1975. There have been a handful of stars over the years, and after sorting through the history books, I did my best to rank the top five players in club history. I chose exclusively from Timbers players with at least one full season under their belt and who participated in either the NASL era or the current MLS era. With all players, I attempted to weigh not only their contributions as Timbers, but also their overall quality and accomplishments throughout their careers.  Ladies and gentlemen, here are your five best players in club history.Begin Slideshow
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