Chad Ochocinco Trying out for the MLS: Please End the NFL Lockout Now!

That's right, Sporting Kansas City (formerly the Kansas City Wizards) has decided they would like to give some deserving talent a shot at a contract, and who is more deserving than Cincinnati Bengals' wide receiver, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson? The newly rebranded side will be giving Ochocinco a four-day trial starting next Tuesday.  If he somehow impresses, they'll extend the period and move on from there.   There are no timeouts in soccer Look, I thought it was cute when he joked about playing soccer last year, but this is ridiculous.  He may be an incredible athlete, however, he has been training his body to withstand the rigors of the National Football League for the last 10 years. Soccer at any professional level is all about maintaining the balance between skill and stamina.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Ochocinco doesn't have much of either right now.  He has been on the decline for the last few NFL seasons and will be shopped around by the Bengals right up until the NFL trading deadline, lockout or no lockout. If the Kansas City Wizards, whoops, I mean Sporting Kansas City bring him in for anything besides a publicity stunt, they really are destroying what ...
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