David Beckham Fat or Fiction: Middle-Age Spread or Bad Camera Angle?

Has David Beckham, the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and current L.A. Galaxy fantasista, finally succumbed to the middle-age spread that is the norm for men and women in their thirties?   Or is it just a case of the camera telling an unflattering lie? Either way, it doesn’t look too good for the image of the soi-disant style icon. He was holidaying in Malibu with his progeny—relaxing as any one of us would do on vacation, without a care in the world. Then, suddenly, the scourge of celebrities everywhere struck (no pun intended): the paparazzi. As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words." In Beckham’s case, paunch, man boobs and middle-age spread (on public display), to name but a few, come to mind. This might sound harsh but, for thousands of men out there, that middle-age spread and those ever-present love handles can be a heavy burden to carry. Especially for Beckham, an elite athlete with a body that most men would die for (yours truly not included, as I’m slim and trim) and most women would—and do—drool over. It might give those mere mortals a glimmer of hope, if only for ...
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