MLS: 5 Big Questions Heading into the Final Weeks of the Season

We are finally into the final third of the MLS season, and there are a lot of things to look forward to. Once we get to this point in the season, the stakes rise and the competition often increases as teams try to make a late-season push with the hope of eventually being crowned champions.From the playoff race to the Supporters' Shield battle, there are so many different stories to follow and questions to be answered. Here are five big questions that we should recognize as the end of the regular season approaches. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
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USMNT: 5 MLS Players Who Deserve a Klinsmann Call-Up

The MLS season is in full swing and there are plenty of Americans who have had breakout years so far. Some have even impressed enough to have fans mentioning their name in USMNT discussion.While we have seen Jurgen Klinsmann experiment and give a lot of players opportunities with the National Team in the last year, there are still a few players worthy of a call-up by the head man.Here are five MLS players who deserve their first call-up from Klinsmann in the next couple of months. Enjoy! Begin Slideshow
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MLS: Landon Donovan and the Top 10 Designated Players in League History

With New York officially signing the league's latest designated player in Tim Cahill, I thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at some of the best to ever wear that label. Although only created in 2007, there have been a number of teams that have used the DP rule to enhance their team.Of course, some designated players have lived up to their reputation more than others. Here are the top 10 DPs of all time. Enjoy!Note: The rankings were based primarily on the success each player had on the field under the designated player label. Off-field successes such as merchandise/ticket sales were also taken into account, but with far less weight. Begin Slideshow
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10 Biggest Surprises of 2012 MLS Season So Far

We are a little more than halfway through this MLS season and already have seen a number of surprising things go down.From San Jose leading the Supporters' Shield race to the career revival of multiple formerly injured players, this season has been a roller coaster full of twists and turns.In case you are not too good at spotting surprises, here is a list of the top 10 surprises so far this year. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
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New York Red Bulls: Five Biggest Fixtures Left on the Schedule

After a hard-earned win against Chicago at Red Bull Arena Wednesday afternoon, the Red Bulls got back into the discussion as a contender to finish at the top the Eastern Conference when it is all said and done.That achievement would be the second time the Red Bulls reached that mark in three years, and would be a massive improvement over a disappointing 2011 season.However, getting to the point where they can call themselves Eastern Conference regular season champions would be no easy task, as there are plenty of big games up ahead for New York.Here are the five biggest fixtures still left on the schedule that the Red Bulls must get results in if they want to get back to reigning the conference. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
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MLS: 5 Stars Who Are Destined to Move to Europe Soon

Although Major League Soccer has been labeled a "retirement home" by many, there are still plenty of bright young stars that can completely contradict that label.There might be more interest in young MLS talents right now than there ever has been before, and the league very well could become a strong feeder league to Europe in the next few years.Here are five high-potential talents that are the most likely to earn a move to big European leagues in the upcoming years. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
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New York Red Bulls: 5 Potential Players for 3rd Designated Player Spot

The New York Red Bulls' quest for their 3rd designated player has been a long and highly anticipated process. After bringing in Barcelona men Rafa Marquez and Thierry Henry in the summer of 2010, the Red Bulls established themselves as one of the premier spenders in Major League Soccer.However, while their cross-country rivals L.A. Galaxy landed their 3rd DP and won two trophies last season, New York has remained passive in the transfer market and has been waiting to find the perfect man to shell out the big money for.Being a Red Bull fan for years, I’ve heard all the rumors one can imagine. This article is not about rumors but more of a labeling of five guys who Backe quite possibly might be looking at to bring into the squad this summer. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
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MLS: Top 10 Most Unforgettable Moments in League History

When looking back on Major League Soccer's 16-year history, you probably can recall several events that have remained strong in your memory.From the good, to the bad, to the heroic, the league has been full of memorable moments that have been stuck in the minds of fans since the day of their occurrences.Instead of searching through the archives of your brain to remember some of these events, I have conveniently listed some of the best moments in league history in this slideshow.Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy.Begin Slideshow
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MLS: Which Clubs Could Legitimately Compete in the Premier League?

It is a question that all MLS fans ask despite knowing they will never truly have an answer. As fans of a young developing league, we are constantly trying to compare Major League Soccer's clubs with those of the best in Europe as we ponder how things would play out if the leagues ever combined. With so many variables and differences between the two leagues that are unknown even to the most attentive follower of the MLS and EPL, we will never truly know for sure how MLS clubs would fare if placed up against the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal in the Premier League. For pure fantastical fun, here are the three teams in MLS which I think could legitimately compete in a long Premier League season and hold their own against some of the best clubs in the world. Enjoy! Note 1: Of course, there is always going to be different opinions on this unsolvable and subjective topic. Comment below on how you think certain MLS teams would fair if suddenly placed in the Premier League. Note 2: I am not saying that these three teams would ...
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MLS: Top 10 Hardest Tackles in League History

If you're looking for hard-hitting, old-school, intense soccer tackle highlights, then you have come to the right place. MLS has now been in existence for over 15 years, and it seems like as the league has developed, so has the intensity of tackles. We have seen some of the most significant player suspensions in league history come in the last few years thanks to some very hard challenges.While not all the hardest challenges in league history have videos on the web today, I have grouped together the 10 hardest hits/tackles/challenges of the last few years all in one painful slideshow. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
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