Top 5 Veterans We’d Love to See in MLS

Major League Soccer continues to grow, and with growth comes bigger opportunities for players.Over the past few years, we have seen big-name players come over to the MLS. Robbie Keane, Thierry Henry and of course David Beckham are just a few of the outstanding talents who have found resurgences in America's top league.There are plenty of other athletes we would love to see hit the pitch stateside, but let's not get crazy and throw Lionel Messi into the list. We have to be somewhat realistic in our expectations. The elite of the elite are still going to test their skills at the largest clubs in the best leagues.With that in mind, here are five veterans we would love to see venture into the MLS.Begin Slideshow
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How Can USA Keep Star American Players at Home to Play in MLS?

The American soccer scene, at its highest level, is obviously and clearly not up to the level across the Atlantic. The elite players find their way to the European leagues, and that leaves MLS searching for other marketable athletes to fill the ranks. Without question, MLS has improved over the years, but it was predicated on getting past-their-prime Europeans and young stars before they were discovered by larger clubs. Keeping top-level American talent at home will not necessarily help U.S. soccer immediately. After all, iron sharpens iron. Having the stars of tomorrow stay at home will help MLS continue to grow and that could pay dividends for U.S. soccer down the road. So, how do we keep them at home? There are two big obstacles that leap off the page.First, the paydays. Top-level talent has the best chance to make a big paycheck in the elite leagues. Those opportunities are not plentiful in MLS. Second, is the players desire to challenge themselves against the best in the world. The second is harder to convince anyone of at this juncture. It's a hard sell. How can MLS and U.S. soccer offer top-level American athletes more money to stay? MLS cannot simply ...
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Tim Howard: Why Talented Keeper Should Consider Playing in MLS

Tim Howard should return stateside and sign with an MLS club. It not only is best for American soccer, but more importantly, it is what is best for him. Let's begin with its impact on American soccer. Howard is one of the most recognizable faces for the national team, and one of its most beloved players. Yet, the majority of fans stateside only get to see his mug in those few choice games. They do not actively hunt down Everton games just to watch Howard play. It would be a feather in the cap of the MLS to nab not only one of soccer's best keepers, but also one of the most popular American soccer stars. As the MLS continues to grow its fan base, it is important to grab every star available. The David Beckham and Thierry Henry signings illustrate this point well. In spite of these guys being past their prime, it was important that the MLS brought them over. It bolsters the image of the league. That, in turn, excites the youth to watch and pick up the game. It is a ripple effect that could lead to more American-bred soccer stars in the decades to come. ...
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5 Steps MLS Must Take to Be Among World’s Best Leagues by 2022

Soccer continues to grow in the United States, and Major League Soccer is a big reason why. It has consistently gained fans over the years, and that shows no sign of slowing down.However, the MLS is still not considered an elite league around the world. Over the next 10 years they hope to change that perception. It is a tall task, but one that is not as impossible as some may believe.Parity is starting to become more and more prevalent around the globe. That will allow the MLS to close the gap and show that their squads are joining the ranks of the other important clubs across the globe.Here are five things that the MLS has to have happen in order to be considered among the elite.Begin Slideshow
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3 Reasons Why Gus Johnson Should Call MLS Games

Gus Johnson is becoming America's sweetheart of an announcer.Sports fans love to hear him on the call for whatever sport it is. Search for Gus Johnson tweets the next time he is calling a game and you will see what I mean.He should be calling MLS games. Unfortunately, he is signed to FOX and MLS has a television deal with ESPN. So while this may not be possible at this time, we can still suspend belief and imagine why Johnson should call the top U.S. league's matches.Here are three simple reasons we would love Johnson to call MLS matches.Begin Slideshow
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MLS Playoffs: Top 10 Players to Watch

The the first leg of the MLS conference semi-finals is complete, and the round will close out in just a couple of days.The Houston Dynamo lead 2-0 over Sporting Kansas City. D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls played to a draw, as did Real Salt Lake and Seattle Sounders FC. San Jose nabbed a 1-0 victory on the road against the LA Galaxy.The second leg of the conference semi-finals will take place on November 7 and 8. Three matches will be on the 7th, and Real Salt Lake and the Sounders will get underway on the 8th.Here are ten players to watch through the end of the playoffs, or at least until their respective teams are eliminated.Begin Slideshow
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