7 Signs MLS Is on the Rise

The MLS is a league that is on the rise in World Football.This is not to say that the league will be on par with the likes of Serie A, La Liga or the Premier League anytime soon, but there are signs that the MLS is becoming a better league in general.Whether it's the number of talent within the league, or the growing popularity of the sport in the country in general, the MLS is getting better.Here are seven signs the MLS is on the rise.Begin Slideshow
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10 Big-Name Players Who Will End Their Careers in MLS

There are a lot of big-name players who are set to end their playing careers in the MLS.Players like Thierry Henry and Alessandro Nesta have had major careers in Europe and are now strutting their stuff in America.Since we are looking at players who will end their career in the MLS as supposed to players who could, we'll be drawing from the stars currently in the league, and there are quite a few.Considering certain factors, mainly their age, it seems clear that these player will be finishing their career in the USA.Here are 10 big-name players who will end their career in the MLS.Begin Slideshow
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10 Young MLS Stars Who Will End Up Playing Europe

There are some top young talents in the MLS who could feature in Europe at some point in their career.Young players like Jozy Altidore and Stuart Holden have been in Europe for a few years and could be followed by many more former MLS players.The players on this list are either 23 years of age or under and have some bright futures ahead of them.They are all highly regarded in the MLS and could soon be making their name in Europe thanks to the flashes of talent they have shown in their careers so far.Where exactly they will end up is anyone's guess,, but these players have the skill to play in Europe.Here are 10 young MLS stars who will end up playing Europe.Begin Slideshow
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Viral Video: Vancouver Whitecaps’ Eric Hasslie Scores an Amazing Goal

Eric Hassli gave Vancouver Whitecaps fans reason to be excited when he equalized against Toronto FC in the semifinal of the Amway Canadian Championship.What you say? Yes, to be honest this author never heard of that tournament before either but that's not the issue here.The MLS' two Canadian teams faced off, and one French-born player, who has a decent amount of experience playing in Europe, made waves with his volleyed goal.This wasn't the first time Hassli has brought down the house with an amazing goal, as it seems the player is no stranger to viral videos or exquisite finishes. Last season, he scored this gem against the Seattle Sounders in an MLS game.It's pretty hard to say which one may be the better effort. Hassli showed exceptional technique with the volley and the difficulty of the angle and, need for accuracy notwithstanding, he had much to do with the strike against Seattle.His dejected opponents didn't really stand a chance, though the midfielders may be getting their fair share of flak from teammates for letting the crosser waltz through them so easily.That is two top-notch strikes in two years from the French striker, and fans of the game, those from Vancouver ...
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MLS: 10 Great Moments in American League History

The MLS has seen some great moments since its inception in 1996—impressive goals and exciting cup victories from fantastic players.The continued growth in the MLS has had a positive impact on US soccer as the reputation of the league and the level of play has gone up throughout the years.Here are some of the best moments in MLS history so far.Begin Slideshow
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10 Big-Name Foreign Players Who Could End Up in MLS

Who will be the next world football star to join the MLS? It is one question that many people would like the answer too.David Beckham has reignited a trend that dates back to the NASL days with Pele and the New York Cosmos and many other players.Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez and Robbie Keane have all followed suit, and there will certainly be more to come.While some fans may snicker that the MLS is more of a retirement ground for some players, if they play productively and win, as Beckham just did with the LA Galaxy, interest may continue to rise.Here are 10 big-name foreign players who could end up in the MLS.Begin Slideshow
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David Beckham: 10 Bold Predictions on What LA Galaxy Star Will Do Next

David Beckham's future is source of constant speculation at the moment.Since the storybook finish to his career with the Los Angeles Galaxy, there have been a variety of rumors concerning what Beckham will do with his future.Common thought processes would dictate that Beckham's future lies in the football world in some way, but as much as he is likely to keep playing, he could also retire.The Beckham's have built a pretty cozy life in LA since their move and it would be hard to see the family moving again, but it could happen. Some of these bold predictions should definitely be taken lightly, but there is always the possibility that they could be in the mix as well.In the end, what Beckham does will be his decision and everyone will wait to see what it is.Here are 10 bold predictions on what the LA Galaxy star will do next.Begin Slideshow
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World Football Challenge 2011 Preview: Top Clubs Come to America for the Summer

The World Football Challenge returns to America and kicks off tonight on July 13.This first game will see Manchester United, one of the six European clubs to partake, take on the New England Revolution.The English contingent includes Manchester United and Manchester City, their inner city rivals."El Clasico" rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid represent Spain, while Juventus and Sporting club de Portugal come from Italy and Portugal, respectively.Along with these European teams, there are two Mexican clubs, Guadalajara and Club America.All these teams will compete against each other as well as five MLS teams.The last World Football Challenge did not have any MLS participants, but MLS teams have previously played European opponents in the summer.In past years, these games have been intriguing because of the differing levels of the participants.The European teams are generally just beginning their preseason, thus making the games a little more even. These teams are also less likely to let star players participate for a variety of reasons.Managers will be wary of playing their best players due to injury concerns and will rest them if they have played in a big summer tournament like the Gold Cup or Copa America. These games are more likely to be ...
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