Thierry Henry: If He Goes Back to Arsenal, What Does It Mean for the Red Bulls?

It seems that Thierry Henry could be heading back to the Gunners soon, but only for a month (via The First Post).  For Arsenal fans, this seems like a positive: What team would not want a world-class striker on the bench?But what about the New York faithful?Henry loves Arsenal. He loved playing for them and he really enjoyed playing against them.  The team even unveiled a statue of the Frenchman, which almost brought Henry to tears.  He is proud of his accomplishments with Arsenal, and it would not surprise me if he goes back there for a little bit of a "last hurrah."What does this mean for the New York Red Bulls?Henry will be overseas playing and training with one of the best clubs in one of the best leagues on the planet.  Next season, fitness should not be a problem for Henry. In fact, his fitness could improve from this, but it leaves less time to train with his club.The two worries I do have are fatigue and injury. It will be like an extended training camp and playing season for Thierry.  If his Red Bulls make a playoff run I hope he will be fit and ready to play.  ...
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New York Red Bulls: 5 Things to Be Done for Next Year

New York had a disappointing season last year, we can all agree on that one.  They also had quite a few breakdowns (most were quite ugly), but they did show some great play from time to time and could be exciting and enjoyable to watch.  They certainly should be in the MLS elite.  Here's my five changes to help New York.Begin Slideshow
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