David Beckham Video: Watch Beckham Tackle Crazy Kid on the Pitch

David Beckham is known for three things: Abs, Victoria Beckham and his crazy ability to bend a soccer ball with his kick. Now Beckham is known for his open field tackling. In the middle of a game, some idiot kid came out onto the field and attempted to evade security. I can’t be clear on what his full intent was, but he managed to skirt security for a number of seconds. But as he made his way toward Beckham, the international soccer star thought back to those NFL games he’s watched here in the states and wrapped him up like a free safety. I must admit it was a little bit of a confidence shaker for yours truly. I played two years of glorious football in seventh and eighth grade and never made a tackle like that. Sure, I had my fair share of amazing football moments. I played offensive guard and let a record eight sacks get past me. I once went out for a pass and had it hit me in the back, and my crowning achievement was finally getting into the backfield to make a tackle and wrapping a running back who smelled and felt like he ...
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David Beckham Video: Watch Beckham’s Pinpoint Accuracy During Diet Pepsi Shoot

Wow. I want to believe that’s real but it’s just so hard. Look, David Beckham knows a thing or two about driving women wild and hitting ridiculous soccer shots. So, it’s possible. In this video, Beckham was on a commercial shoot for Diet Pepsi when the camera man asks him to hit three separate balls into three different garbage cans on the beach. Beckham drops the soda and hits three impressive shots that all go in. Now, maybe he never hit them, maybe they were edited together so it could look like he hit them consecutively, but I wouldn’t say he didn’t do it. Beckham has made his living off of hitting shots with stunning accuracy. This is just another reason why I hate him. I can’t kick well because my left knee hurts when I stand and I do take my shirt off in public but it’s never greeted with positivity and I drive 2002 Hyundai Elantra that is slowly losing all electrical function. In some ways I hope it was a hoax because I don’t think I can take that kind of awesomeness. Read more MLS news on
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