MLS: 10 Changes That Would Make It One of the Best Leagues in the World

David Beckham reported back to preseason training yesterday for LA Galaxy, while star strikers Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane were absent as they continue to play in the EPL for Everton and Aston Villa respectively. With the 2012 Major League Soccer season scheduled to start in March and interest in the sport continuing to grow here at home, things look rosy for all U. S soccer fans.J.D Krug wrote a fascinating piece in yesterday’s Bleacher Report titled 10 Things Europeans Don’t Know About American Soccer and Juan Carlos Salas recently did a feature on MLS:  10 Things It Does Better Than the Premier League, which highlight just how far the MLS has come. So is it fair to start thinking about the soccer in America being the equal to its European counterparts or perhaps even better? Is the MLS now one of the best soccer leagues in the world?While I’m all for supporting the MLS and encouraging the growth of soccer across the nation,  let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. European soccer fans probably don’t know a lot more than 10 things about the MLS.While they may be missing out on a lot of good things happening ...
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