Thanks to LA Galaxy, the Ailing Game of Soccer Survives in America

CARSON, Calif.—Ever seen the diverse town worship an unpopular sport here in the origin of an enigmatic, paranoid town, unlike in other countries where fans revere the fascinating sport and blow on annoying vuvuzelas, an obnoxious buzzing sound that bothers our nerves badly? What is increasingly discovered in Hollywood is that the masses are obsessed with superstars and celebrities, more than the sport or cinematic script itself, and hastily, the famous human being becomes a publicity magnet in a town where stars are truly admired. It’s always fun to gaze at a sporting icon locally and during the summer months, if someone is paying close attention the ultimate star is Landon Donovan, a famous soccer star who is idolized and known for lifting the ratings of a dull event. Without him, the Los Angeles Galaxy constitutes no buzz, no hearsay, not even an acknowledgement in the front page of the Los Angeles Times sports section. But the presence of Donovan bolsters an uneventful game in a nation that only glances at soccer during the World Cup, optimistic of a spectacular finish to cure a lowly event. It’s almost realistic to believe that he markets the game of soccer in the states and ...
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