Thierry Henry Backheel Sets Up Bradley Wright-Phillips’ Goal in MLS Playoffs

Thierry Henry may be 37 years old, but he's still up to his old tricks and playing a major role in a title challenge. Henry's New York Red Bulls hosted DC United in the first leg of the MLS semifinals Sunday, and he got the home side off to an excellent start with this clever backheel assist.At the end of it was Bradley Wright-Phillips, the league's leading scorer this season with an impressive 27 regular-season goals.Henry doubled his assists tally in the 73rd minute, providing this brilliant ball for Pegguy Luyindula.All in a day's work for the Frenchman.[Twitter] Read more MLS news on
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New England’s Diego Fagundez Scores Goal, Celebrates with Gunfire

We've seen a lot of creative goal celebrations over the years, but this has to be the first one to involve firing actual guns.New England Revolution midfielder Diego Fagundez scored a headed effort against Chicago, and he immediately sprinted over to the "End Zone Militia" to mark the goal in style.He then lined up an imaginary shot with the group, who carry real guns with real gunpowder (no bullets, of course) to New England sports games, and let fire.You can tell he'd been planning that one for a while. Points for creativity![MLS] Read more MLS news on
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Thierry Henry Displays Moment of Magic in New York vs. Kansas City

Thierry Henry may be 37 years old now but as the saying goes: class is permanent. He thoroughly proved that point in New York Red Bulls' game against Sporting Kansas City, absolutely smashing a shot from the corner of the box to take a 2-1 lead.  It was a brilliant goal and proved to be the winner for Red Bulls.Read more MLS news on
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