European Style Relegation/Promotion Would Add Interest, Uniquness to MLS

For those of you that don't follow international soccer, aka, football/futbol, the top leagues in the world, most notably the European top leagues: English Premier League (EPL), Bundesliga (Germany), La Liga (Spain) and Serie A (Italy) for example all practice the system of relegation and promotion of their clubs. What this means is, if you are a minor league club and you happen to have a good season, usually over the course of a few solid seasons, you will get rewarded by being promoted to the big leagues, literally, the same way a minor league prospect does in baseball. Only in this instance its the entire team. If it sounds confusing it should to MLS and U.S. born soccer fans as they are one of a few countries—with Australia and Canada being others—that do not use this practice in any of their major sports, but most notably soccer.   Reasons why relegation or promotion wouldn't work in U.S. sports The problem with this in the U.S. is the minor league systems in a given sport are so far less than the major sport that this would be counter-productive. It's far easier to keep the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League Baseball where they can continue to ...
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MLS: Lack Of Big Names, Wild Parity Cause League Not to be Taken Seriously

Last week I watched the Major League Soccer SuperDraft on ESPN2. Like with any draft in its respective sport, it copied the same format—a table full of front-office executives. (although theirs was significantly smaller with no "war rooms"). There was the draft "ticker" at the bottom of the screen telling viewers the draft order and the team needs.  Of course thee was the, (token it seemed at times), commentary from a couple of analysts who really could have benefited from more playing-off of one another instead of just talking to the camera. I did like a few things. The venue, the Baltimore Convention Center, was small and intimate enough to make the hundreds of fans that were there really a part of the action and excitement. Apparently, its customary to have this draft annually at this venue. Perhaps a future just-get-it-over-already expansion to the city? Next, whereas in the NFL draft the prospect receives a replica jersey to hold up, here instead receives his respective scarf, which is draped over him before he reaches the stage. (Note, in the soccer world, the scarf is king, so it was appropriate). Finally, with just 18 teams, the two hour format did go fast and had little time for ...
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