Why Landon Donovan Should Stay in the MLS

Nearly a week has gone by since the World Cup has concluded and all soccer news is already back on the back pages of most sports sections.  One piece of news that came out today was Major League Soccer's (MLS) intention to not entertain any offers on Landon Donovan, thus temporarily ending any speculation that America's best player might be heading to Europe.  After reading numerous blogs, and talking to a lot of my soccer fan friends, many are irate at the fact that Landon Donovan is being denied the opportunity to play overseas. He would most likely go back to Everton where he found great success last year on a ten week loan.  Many are saying that the MLS is stunting the growth of American soccer by not allowing Donovan to showcase his talents in Europe.  Allow me to be the first to completely disagree with this statement! On the surface, I can understand why people may feel this way.  They just saw Landon Donovan score one of the most important goals in American soccer history in a moment that will forever be captured in advertisements featuring our most patriotic moments in sports.  They saw Donovan almost kick the ball ...
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