Portland Timbers: 2012 Brings a New Beginning

There is no doubt about it. March is pretty special in a sports fan's mind. Not only do we begin the NCAA tournament, we also see MLB begin its hunt to the opening day. However, in Portland, the city begins its hunt for a MLS Cup championship. This is the second year that the Portland Timbers will look to make the playoffs as they missed out by a mere few points last season. Even with the excitement that brings the city to its feet and the Timbers Army singing for over 90-plus minutes, let's take a look at who graced the pitch for the first night of the 2012 season against the Philadelphia Union. Now by all means, this is my personal grade of each player through my own eyes—they are also squarely based on the game at hand, which was played in miserable rain-soaked conditions all night.Begin Slideshow
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The Porland Timbers:Had the Best Year They Could Have Imagined

The Portland Timbers may not have made it to the playoffs for their first season of Major League Soccer (MLS) play, but they sure gave any fans who set their eyes on the team a great show. The Timbers entered 2011 as a new franchise to grace the MLS, and as the kickoff of their first match grew near, so did the anticipation. With that anticipation came many questions of how the new squad would do.Let me tell you: They did not disappoint.Begin Slideshow
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