Bored with Bornstein: Why US Defender Johnathan Bornstein Must Go

Jonathan Bornstein must have some embarrassing photos of coach Bob Bradley, because there is no explanation for him ever suiting up for the United States men's soccer team again. Since the 2010 World Cup, most US Soccer fans have been clamoring for a change at the left back position and for good reason: Bornstein just doesn't have it. During the loss to Paraguay, Bornstein was the worst player on the field and it wasn't even close. With numerous faulty touches in our final third and the propensity to get beat both within the box and outside of it, Bornstein simply isn't a fit for this team or any team for that matter. Praised hollowly by the announcers for his ability to push the ball forward, Bornstein's movement going forward was robotic. He effectively stalled many great opportunities for the US with both poor service, and erratic touches. One play that comes to mind was his ball that missed a wide open Altidore, who certainly would have had at least a chance to put the ball on target. When he does move forward, he is often beat, leaving the rest of the left side stretched out and exposed. Bradley did a ...
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