Five Ways the MLS Got Its All-Star Game Right

The MLS isn't the most successful league out there, but it does have one thing right: its All-Star game. Last night's matchup between the MLS All-Stars and Manchester United didn't turn out the way the league hoped, but they can't be upset with more than 70,000 fans jamming into Reliant Stadium to watch the match. Attendees got to catch a glimpse of the league's most talented players, such as Landon Donovan, and also saw one of the world's most famous clubs, Manchester United. Not bad for an American soccer match. Without further delay, here are five things the MLS has right with its All-Star Game.Begin Slideshow
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EPL Rumors: Seven Reasons Everton is the Best Fit for Landon Donovan

While Landon Donovan probably can't leave the MLS after league commissioner Don Garber put a "not for sale" tag on him, there has been lots of speculation as to where the American midfielder might go if the situation changes. Among the clubs that have been mentioned are Everton, Manchester City, and even Chelsea—all of them in the English Premier League. But there is little question that Everton is the best option for the 28-year-old winger. Here are seven reasons why:Begin Slideshow
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