Thierry Henry Will Spearhead USA Soccer’s Popularity

Thierry Henry scores!!!! And the crowd went wild, giving him a standing ovation in the USA. Yes! In the USA, the crowd went crazy as Henry tucked in his first goal for the New York Red Bulls. The former Arsenal striker scored against Tottenham in fantastic fashion as the French striker showed perfect forward movement to slot the ball home, but the crowd's reaction was more impressive. The fans loved him!  People said David Beckham could not make soccer popular in the USA. I am sorry but the sport is well and truly on the rise to stardom. David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and now Thierry Henry are a few names of world class players who can entertain people with the beautiful game. Soon more players will want to end their career in the U.S. Who knows, maybe Clarence Seedorf and Pirlo may follow. This would regenerate the game to a whole new level. No more of this slow paced soccer, the more stars move there the more the game will improve. It is truly on the rise and big things are expected from Thierry Henry. He is the right man to promote the sport overseas, but all should thank David Beckham as the ambassador who did the impossible.Read more MLS news on ...
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