David Beckham: Soccer Star Reportedly Re-Signing With LA Galaxy

David Beckham enjoys America so much he plans on sticking around for a while. The super-star midfielder plans on announcing Thursday his intentions to sign a new contract for 2012 as reported by the LA Times. The deal is expected to be for two years.  His original five-year, $32.5M deal expired at the end of the season and nobody was sure if he planned on staying in the MLS or going back to his native England.    Consider the mystery to be over. What it Means The 36-year-old was offered an 18-month contract to play for the French club Paris-St. Germain that would have been roughly worth a $1M a month. While the amount for his latest contract have yet to have been disclosed, it’s certainly a lot less than the French offer. According to the Times the biggest factor in his decision was his family. His wife and four children prefer to live in Southern California and they don’t want to pick up and leave. Oh yeah, I think it helps that Hollywood is just around the corner and one of the most popular families in the world still has access to the bright lights and producers that go with ...
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Hope Solo Video: Watch MLS Striker Attempt to Honor Hope

This video reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The awkwardness jumps up, out of the screen and punches you in the face. Hope Solo and the rest of the U.S. Women’s National Team will be playing a friendly match, against Canada this Saturday. They are training at Sporting Kansas City’s MLS training complex. Solo, the newest contestant on Dancing With The Stars, has turned into a pretty large celebrity, and her presence amongst soccer players can cause them to go head over heels. Enter Sporting KC striker C.J. Sapong. He clearly fell in love with her success this summer and was inspired to write her a poem. With plenty of cameras and media members snapping pictures, Sapong began to recite his poem with lines like this: "I heard you were coming to KC, feelings couldn’t express the words inside of me." After only a few lines, Sapong got cold feet and stopped his “performance.” But as a true competitor, he kept going, much to the chagrin of Solo, who looks incredibly uncomfortable at this point. Eventually, he finishes his poem while rhyming words like “Solo” and “coco” and gets a big hug from his favorite goalie. The ...
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