Columbus Crew at Sporting KC: What Can a Casual Fan Expect from a MLS Game?

In March, my eldest nephew, 8, accompanied me to WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. His brother, 5, had to stay at home. Unsurprisingly, the five-year-old only had one thing to say: "It's not fair!" It didn't appease him that he can go to WrestleMania with me in three years, so I had to find a substitute. Since these boys are at a very impressionable age (and still think I'm a cool enough uncle to emulate), I have a great deal of influence when it comes to choosing professional sports teams to support. I have one team in each of the five majors (including the MLS), and my nephews have duly accepted these teams as their own. So to pacify the five-year-old, I told him that he and I will make a weekend trip out of a professional soccer game. Since we both reside within the 515 area code (home to Des Moines and the Iowa State Cyclones), I decided to take him to see a game in Kansas City. However, Sporting KC is not my MLS team; I support the Columbus Crew. My sister has already ordered a jersey for my nephew, who calls me several times a week to ask ...
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