LeBron James Snubs New York, Thierry Henry Is Not a Bad Consolation Prize

Nothing will be able to fully heal Knicks fans of their broken hearts after LeBron James' choice to go to the Miami Heat (unless of course the universe folds and the Knicks win a ring before the Heat do), but New York could be welcoming another superstar in Thierry Henry. Barcelona have released the French star, and it has long been rumored that Henry will come to America to join the MLS, more specifically the New York Red Bulls. (The move is all but confirmed now with the Red Bulls set to unveil a new designated player on July 15th.) Right away comparisons to Beckham will be made, but this is a semi-different scenario. Henry doesn't quite have the star power Beckham does, and is going to New York rather than star studded LA. Obviously New York has some star power, but it's no Hollywood. So off the field, Henry won't be able to offer quite what Beckham offered, but on the field he should be able to provide more. At a time where soccer is probably at its biggest in the States, Henry can come into one of the biggest markets in the U.S. and put on a show for fans of the ...
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