Seattle Seahawks and Sounders Fans Wonder What’s in a Name, CenturyLink

In what many fans were hoping was an elaborate April Fool's joke, the merger with CenturyLink and Qwest became final today.  The Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders Football Club have a very strong relationship with their fans, and their fans have a strong tie to the building their teams play in.   Qwest Field has become ingrained in the culture of Seattle sports fans.  Yes, it is just a name, and not nearly as catchy as Seahawks Field.  Granted, Sounders fans would take umbrage with that name at this point.   But, fans are not at ease with the pending changes.  In an earlier article, it was mentioned that we are better off having a nice stadium with a corporate name, but we beat the Saints a few months ago.  We want to have our cake and eat it too. Qwest Field doesn't sound overly corporate, and it just flows well—even after fans have had a few adult beverages with questionable volumes of fluid.  Is it a large, or is it a medium? In a prepared statement, CenturyLink President Brian Stading gave a bit of a glimpse into the future of the stadium's name.  "CenturyLink is excited to become a vital part of the Seattle ...
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NFL Already Losing Ground During Labor Dispute: Chad Ochocinco Joins MLS

In retrospect, it likely was destiny. The NFL labor dispute is now having an impact on another sport. As players are not currently limited to contractual terms, and free agents can't sign new contracts in the NFL, a high-profile player is flirting with another sport. Maybe it was also inevitable that person would be one of the flamboyant receivers from Cincinnati. As much as we might have expected it to be Terrell Owens, the player formerly known as Chad Johnson and temporarily as Chad Ochocinco is trying his hand…well, legs…at Major League Soccer. Kansas City of the MLS has given Ochocinco a four-day tryout to determine if he might have a role with their squad. The first day of his workout was hardly perfect, as he was panting and looked exhausted following Day 1. It is possible that his conditioning has waned over the last two months, but it is more likely that there is a bit more running in soccer than the manner in which Ochocinco plays football. "Exactly what I expected," Ochocinco said. "I would be a little winded being that I haven't ran at this pace or this level since the end of our season of football. It ...
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