Chivas USA Is Putting It All Together After Some Key Offseason Losses

With all of the offseason movement for Chivas USA it was evident to most Chivas fans that it might take a few games for the goats to start putting it all together this season. But with just six games underway it looks like Chivas USA is starting to put things together a lot earlier then most would have anticipated. Chivas USA faced a big hole this offseason in their defensive midfield when Jesse Marsch retired and when Paulo Nagamura left to play in the Mexican League, but that hole seems to have been plugged by rookies Blair Gavin and Ben Zemanski. Last week against San Jose, Chivas USA head coach Martin Vasquez added Ben Zemanski (47th pick overall in this year's draft) to the starting lineup to combine him with his former teamate and first-round draft choice (10th overall) Blair Gavin. Adding Zemanski to the starting lineup in the midfield has paid huge dividends for Chivas USA defensively. Zemanski and Gavin are essentially playing like a pair of midfielders that have been playing together for years, exhibiting great chemistry and an uncanny knack for knowing where the other is going to be and, ...
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