David Beckham: Should Beckham Be Considered One of Football’s Greatest?

Yet again, another footballer is making headlines for reasons other than the game. David Beckham has become that latest high-profile player linked to a sex scandal. Beckham has categorically denied the claims against him. But coming away from that, let’s talk about David Beckham for reasons regarding his profession—the only reason he should be making headlines. As the most recognizable figure in all of sport, David Beckham has certainly reached a worldwide audience, but is he up there with the greats of the game? Beckham is one of the most decorated English players ever to play the game. He won everything possible with Manchester United. He came up through the ranks as part of the phenomenal crop of youth that United developed during the 90s. On top of winning multiple medals with United, he also picked up some personal honours. In 1997, Beckham was named the PFA Young Player of the Year. Two years later, he was named UEFA Club Player of the Year award. More recently, Beckham has found himself named in the FIFA 100, a list of players handpicked by Pele whom he thought were the best living football players. He was also inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame. Beckham is just 42 career games ...
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David Beckham to Blackburn: What Can He Really Offer Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers are set to become the latest team in the Premier League to receive new ownership as part of a big money takeover. Indian Ahsan Ali Syed is poised to become the new owner of the Blackburn Rovers—one of only four teams to be crowned Premier League Champions—at a cost of an estimated £300 million. Syed is said to be pledging £80-£100 million into a transfer fund for new players, and he has personally announced that he would “love to take Beckham” to Blackburn. David Beckham will surely be glad to hear that his services are coveted by Blackburn, as he is still coming to grips with the announcement of England manager Fabio Capello that he was no longer an international option.   Beckham turned 35 last May and is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon in his left foot. There is no doubting his talent but there are questions over the productivity that he could offer to a team. David Beckham is a global brand. He is an icon of the sport and he is the most widely recognizable and associated football player in the world. Blackburn will most definitely reap the commercial benefit that Beckham carries with him. But it will not be ...
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MLS Should Adopt a European Calendar To Progress and Promote Its Soccer?

In recent years, football has taken giant leaps in America. Look no further than what the USA national football team was able to accomplish in last year's Confederations Cup. An unprecedented 2-0 victory over European champions Spain and a narrow defeat in the final to Brazil opened footballing eyes to the talent and commitment that the USA team possesses. Football in America has become more popular than ever. The arrival of David Beckham has brought the Major League Soccer brand over to Europe and, for the first time ever, MLS merchandise is on sale in European stores. David Beckham has done the majority of his work off the pitch for Major League Soccer. Beckham's role in the MLS has brought the league across the Atlantic and into home and store in Ireland, England, and further on throughout Europe. Major League Soccer needs to grab hold of this momentum and build on it. They need to use this as a foundation for progressing their product in other countries as well as developing further interest at home in the league as well as in the sport as a whole. How do they do this? Adopt the European football calendar! As it stands, the Major League Soccer calendar runs ...
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