Landon Donovan: The Ups and Downs of the American Who Changed Soccer Forever

Watching the MLS nowadays, one is stuck wondering whether he or she is watching a men's Friday night soccer league or an actual professional league. The league and media spends so much time investing in older, fading European stars that the rare, raw American talents often take a back seat. Hidden behind Champions League medals, Premier League and FA Cup doubles, FIFA Player of the Year Nominations, and much more lie a host of American players waiting for a chance to make American soccer popular and finally be voted as Prom Queen over their more "pretty" and "popular" peers—football, baseball, basketball, etc. Realistically, at the rate we are moving, this romantic notion will remain stuck in time. American citizens far and wide are packing the stadiums for Thierry Henry and David Beckham, not Chris Albright and Quincy Amarikwa (I had to Google American soccer players in the MLS—no joke). Fostering European "wash-ups," no offense Mr. Henry or Mr. Beckham, is only going to take popularity so far. Americans are crying out for a Rocky Balboa. An underdog in the world game. A stubborn rock who simply does not comprehend the term "fail." America, if it has not realized it, needs to look no more. His name brought ...
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