Soccer in America: How the NBA Could Help MLS Gain Popularity

It's the most popular sport in the world and yet in the United States we only really care about it for about a month every four years. In fact I know many people—most of them football players/coaches/fans—who actually hate soccer. When I played football in college we had an old-school head coach who hated soccer so much that we weren't allowed to touch a soccer ball during the season.But even better than that? We weren't even allowed to say the word "soccer." That other sport was referred to as "S-word," like it was some kind of swear word. For whatever reason, soccer has yet to catch on here like it has in every other country. Maybe it's because everyone else calls it "football" and we get mad because that's our favorite sport and don't want the name sullied. (We'll leave out the fact that soccer has been around basically for forever and that calling American football "football" doesn't make any sense when you watch the game.) I personally love soccer. It's not my favorite sport, but I played for four years in high school and sincerely wish that it enjoyed greater popularity in America. So I've come up with a semi-crazy idea on ...
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