David Beckham: Should He Stay with Galaxy or Return to England?

Over recent weeks, speculation has begun to bubble in English newspapers over whether David Beckham will renew his contract with L.A. Galaxy—continuing to enjoy playing football in America but also not expecting a call from England manager Fabio Capello anytime soon.Or he could take the biggest gamble of his career, return to England and try to force his way back into the national fold.As it stands, come November, David Beckham will be without a football club, his multi-million pound flagship contract with L.A. Galaxy comes to an end and football's golden boy has a huge decision to make.It seems highly unlikely that Bruce Arena would let one of his prize possessions go, but it may come down to whether David Beckham still has the passion to play in the U.S.In the MLS offseason, Beckham, along with other players such as Landon Donovan, have migrated to England in search of fitness and a new stage to work on.However, while Donovan enjoyed a successful spell at Everton, Beckham is much happier to stay on the training pitches and go about his work quietly. These training pitches belong to Tottenham Hotspur, and Beckham may take some of the credit for the recent Galaxy ...
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US Soccer: Growing in Stature or Retirement Home in The Sun?

Legendary footballers from around the world have recently made the move to the United States in order to continue their playing career. There has certainly been a change in the attitude towards the MLS from the rest of the world, not least down to a successful World Cup campaign from the United States. But when a huge star from the likes of Barcelona or ex-Arsenal playmaker moves to an American team, the world will take notice. On the face, it is of course great for the game and for the supporters to see big names coming over to their local team.  But when examined deeper, the motives of these footballers to move should be questioned and examined in the best interests of the MLS. In recent years David Beckham, Juan Pablo Angel, Freddie Ljungberg, Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez have all made the trip to America to play their trade as footballers. These players represent some of the best footballers in the world and have played for  top clubs around Europe. However, out of those names, the only one to set the league alight so far has been Juan Pablo Angel. Granted the likes of Henry have not had the time yet, but I do ...
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