MLS Players Union Sued by 3 American Youth Soccer Clubs: Details and Comments

Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, DeAndre Yedlin and the Major League Soccer Players Union have all been named as defendants in a class-action lawsuit filed by three youth soccer clubs. According to Vice Sports' Jorge Arangure Jr., the Dallas Texans; Crossfire Premiere of Redmond, Washington; and Sockers FC of Chicago are seeking to "recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and solidarity fees" after they were not afforded the ability to claim monetary benefits when players such as Bradley, Dempsey and Yedlin transferred internationally. However, a spokesman for the plaintiffs released a statement Friday that indicated the United States men's national team stars wouldn't be part of the legal process for long, per Arangure. Rather, the statement pointed out that "the U.S. youth clubs had to name the players, Dempsey, Yedlin and Bradley, as well as the defendant class of players, solely for a legal reason to maintain the complaint." According to Arangure, the court's decision could have far-reaching consequences if it sides with the youth clubs: Dempsey suited up with the Texans during his developmental days, while Yedlin and Bradley played for the Crossfire and Sockers, respectively. All three players proceeded to make trips across the pond to play professionally in some of the world's ...
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