David Beckham Pepsi Ad: Watch Sofia Vergara Use Becks to Get Her Fix

David Beckham Pepsi Ad Is Allegedly Funny, Clever So Diet Pepsi has a new advertisement campaign that makes me yearn for the days of Ray Charles and the "Uh Huh" girls. Putting Sofia Vergara in a bikini was a smart move...except for the fact that (apart from half a second) her parachute-sized hat is about all you actually see of her. David Beckham, on the other hand? Well, hasn't that ship sailed already? If most Americans don't care to see him play his sport, why would we care about him hawking Diet Pepsi, or anything else for that matter? Although this commercial probably kills in England. Personally, I'd rather see that Miller High Life delivery guy than Beckham. He's so sassy! Now if this was supposed to be some sort of social commentary on celebrity stargazing—the swarms of people are tuned in to Vergara's every tweet but also race to catch a glimpse of Beckham on the pier—the commercial achieved its goal. But as far as moving their product, I don't think this is an exceptionally great piece of marketing. So you're telling me that people would rather catch a glimpse of David Beckham from afar than buy a Diet Pepsi? What does that say about ...
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